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The Florida Wiener Dog Derby is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, fundraising and educational organization that promotes rescue, adoption and responsible canine ownership with fun, family oriented events with the community.​​
Explore the World of Competitive Dachshund Racing With a Purpose

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National Dachshund Racing Circuit

Everyone has and origen story.​​
And every wiener involved has an origin story. 

Come find out about how we came to be and how far we have come in the last decade. 
If your curious about what happens at the Florida Wiener Dog Derby, you are in luck. We record all our events and post the videos to our channel. Take a peek and subscribe today. Dont miss a second of the wiener racing action.
We are now part of the National Dachshund Racing (NDR) Circuit. Throughout the year we hold smaller races  wich now qualify for the Florida Circuit Championship Race. To find out more about NDR, please click on the link below.
Some of the Local Rescues We Help
Of course we can run a derby for any non-profit organization. But our passion is Dachshund and Dog Rescue. Meet four of the rescues we FUNdraise for on a regular bases. Click on the links below to go to each of their websites. From there you can donate, volunteer, foster and adopt! Please check them out!
FWDDX will be held in conjunction with Tampa Riverfest
There is so much to do during and after the 10th annual Florida Wiener Dog Derby. Click on the link below to find out more about Riverfest
Tampa Riverfesyt Info
  1. Roxie FWDD Champion 2014
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Roxie FWDD Champion 2014
  2. Odie FWDD Champion 2013
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Odie FWDD Champion 2013
  3. Cocoa FWDD Champion 2017
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Cocoa FWDD Champion 2017
  4. Miss Weenie FWDD Champion 2010
    Meet our Grand Champions
    Miss Weenie FWDD Champion 2010
  5. Luckie FWDD Champion 2015 & 2016
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Luckie FWDD Champion 2015 & 2016
  6. Karmyl FWDD Champion 2011
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Karmyl FWDD Champion 2011
  7. Jack FWDD Champion 2012
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Jack FWDD Champion 2012
  8. Jeb FWDD Champion 2018
    Meet Our Grand Champions
    Jeb FWDD Champion 2018
Join Our Pit Crew
We are an all volunteer organization. We need a good core of tallent to bring our events to life.
 We are always in need of volunteers. Besides some help with the smooth operation of our events, we need help behind the scenes too. We need a variety of talent to help run the derby year round. We are always in need of grant writers, research and data collection/analysis, web masters, registrations, marketing, media relations, social media engineer, and more! If you have administrative talent, resources, and time, please email us and let us know what you would like to help us with.
If you are not the administrative type and love the hands on work with some wiener dog race action, we could definitely use your help at our events. We always need a little support for various positions in and around the derby. If you would like to help, please click the link below to be in contact with our volunteer coordinator today!
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Pit Crew

Main Contact E-mail: [email protected]