Florida Wiener Dog Derby

 ​"Let's Go Racing"

Rules, Liability & Contest Information
Race/Event Rules
Registration & Race Assignments

  • Division races such as Puppy, Seniors and Adult are open only to dogs of pure dachshund breed ( No mixed breeds).
  • The Wiener Wannabe division is open to all breeds that can fit into the starting gates comfortably, and safely.
  • The event may have a veterinarian on scene to validate the legitimacy of vaccine certificates, which are required for any dog participating in the event. It is suggested that everyone participating have paper records accessiable in the event of an emergency and required by law.
  • All contest events (other than assigned race divisions) are open to any friendly breed, and will require a (electronic) signed liability waiver in order to enter the event venue. 
  • All entrants, vendors, and/or sponsors must sign a liability waiver on-line or the event with regard to presence and participation. Failure to do so does not negate responsibility or assign liability to another entity. All registered participants are informed they shall read and acknowledge the waiver.
  • A completed Registration Form is required for all race participants. (Each dog requires an individual Registration.) All Divisional Races and Contests REQUIRE Pre-registration. Day-of registration on site is available for STAND-BY ONLY, in the event there is a no-show or open gate. 
  • You must be present when your heat is called. We will call your dogs name and announce a "last call". Failure to show up for your heat is considered a forfeit of your turn. You may be placed on stand-by in the event you miss your heat and called if a spot in the similar category opens. NO REFUNDS NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All participants are encouraged to check the raceboard assgnments prior to their Division and/or heat and are encouraged to stand near the starting gates during their assigned division in order to follow when their dog's assigned heat and gate is up for competition.
  • The registration fee for all dogs is $15.00 on line for the Riverfest Event ($10 for most other Derbys) and up to $25 for Private Ticketed events as designated by the overall event host.
  •  If you choose to register on-site as a walk up, the Fee is $25.00 (or $15.00 for most other Derby's),  which must be paid at the time of registration in cash or credit.   
  • All events are held RAIN or SHINE.
  • If the event is canceled due to unforseen circumstances and/or safty concerns, every effort will be made to refund registration fees or offer a credit towards another future derby, by email request only. All unrequested refunds/credits will be donated to the designated charity/rescues named for the designated event(s) after operational overhead fees are paid.                                                              
The Race

  • The official race course will consist of 6 racing lanes with color designation.  A starting gate with a straight lift-up door will be used. 
  • The dogs will wear color bandannas or collars provided by the Race Committee for easier winner identification.
  • The race course surface will be grass/turf or carpet.
  • All race divisions will race 50 feet (with the exception of Cart racers who have a designated starting line within the race course.  
  • Dogs are not required to stay in lanes.
  • Dog shall good conduct through the race and shall not interfere with other racers via biting.
  • BUMPING is allowed and considered to be "part of the race".
  • Any and all primary aggressor dog(s) -BITING DOG(s)- will be disqualified from the race.
  • Depending on the amount of race interference, officials may require the heat to be re-run to determine a fair winner.
  • Agressive dogs shall be required to race with a muzzle as determined by race officials.
  • All races will have officials on the course.    
  • Races will be conducted in heats according to the number of entrants in each division.
  •  The top 2 dogs of each heat will advance to the next round or top 3 depending on the elimination process.
  • The first dog to the finish line (nose or toe over-which ever is first) is considered the winner.
  • In case of a tie, all video and/or photos will be reviewed. If a clear winner cannot be determined, a tie may be called or a tie-breaking extra heat will be run to determine placement.  
  • There is one Finish line for the dogs to cross and five feet (approximately) beyond that is the pet parent line.
  • The Pet Parent SHALL STAY BEHIND the line until we have our heat winners and/or an official deems it necessary to cross the line to guide your pup to the finish line.
  • You may use treats, toys, noises, funny faces, almost anything to entice your dog to run to you.
  • However, the short list of what you SHALL NOT do is throw any treat, object, or use a lazer light prijected, onto the race course. 
  • If your dog requires a light (such as a flash light) due to a sight or hearing impairment, please advise the officials of this special circumstance and we will explain how you may use this item to not interfere with the other racers.
    Example: you may use the flashlight to cast a beam onto yourself -like your shirt- to assist with guiding your pup towards you. You may not shine the light at other dogs, thus causing a distraction/interference with other racers. Sorry, Laser lights will NOT be allowed due to the possible danger they impose if shined in the eyes of the dogs and humans.
 We make every effort to run a clean, organized, safe and fun event.
This depends on you following our simple rules and understanding that we have little time and availability to make individual exceptions without causing interruption to the entire event process.
Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
Please address any questions or concerns to us prior to the event via email
(direct link above)
Thank you.
​-FWDD Staff-

 The FWDD Circuit​ to the NDR Circuit

*Navigating The FWDD Circuit to Gain entry for the Overall Florida Circuit Championship is done by attending the FWDD Circuit Races.
*Each Race Event will indicate IF the race  IS a circuit race via our seasonal schedules.
*The FWDD will start the NEW race season each Oktoberfest and go to the FWDD being the FINAL of the FWDD Florida Circuit Race         Season. 
*Each Circuit race will crown an overall Grand Champion for the purebreed Dachshund Races.
*Our Second Place Racer, at each circuit race, will be crowned our reserve champion.
*At the Florida Wiener Dog Derby, main annual event (held the first Saturday in May at Cirtuis Hixon Park in Tampa), each Circuit Race   Grand Champion     (or Reserve Champion in the event the Grand Champion is unable to race) will receive a gate assignment for the   Florida Circuit Final.
*The Circuit Final is held AFTER we have crowned the overall FWDD Grand Champion. 
*The FWDD Grand Champion will race any and all present FWDD Circuit Race Grand Champions (or designee Reserve Champion) for   the Florida   Circuit Title. 
*In the rare event that one dachshund has a "SWEEP" to include the FWDD Final, that will result in the FWDD Final also serving as the   Florida Circuit   Final and the FWDD Grand Champion will also be the Florida Circuit Champion. The second place Dachshund will be the   Florida Circuit Reserve   Champion.
*The Florida Circuit Champion (or Reserve Champion) will be alloted the Florida gate position to race for the National Dachshund Race   Circuit  National   Champion Title. 
*The National Circuit Race is held in Findlay, Ohio on the last Saturday of September, traditionally, and the responsibility of the racer   to attend on their   own financially, unless a sponsor for such is named. 
*In the event the Grand Champion and the Reserve Champion cannot attend, a previous Florida Circuit Champion may race in their  absence with   permission of the FWDD Bord of Directors (BOD) and acceptiance of the NDR BOD.
Our Fun Games & Contests
If you have been to our Derbys, you obviously know the basic format of the race. But we also have a varity of games and contests we play at our events. Here is a little about the additional fun you can have with us at our events. Yes, all Wiener Wanna-Be's can compete too!

​We all know those goofy, over excited, over the moon happy pups whose tails become invisiable! Here is the perfect contest for them!

How to Play:
Your Donation and entry fee earns you a spot among all the best tail around. 
You and your beloved pup face each other, with your puppy butts facing our judges, and on the command of go, you get your pup going! Weather its a funny noise, squeeky toy, treats, you, how ever you can, you get your pup to wiggle and waggle that tail. ​
And you got to keep that tail wagging; get it wagging so fast that you cant tell they have a tail! As your pup looses their Swag Wag, our judges will release you from the ring and our longest and strongest waggers will battle it out till our judges crown our top wagger!

A most popular game that is a favorite at our events!
Everyone is a winner in this too close for comfort slobbery competition.
How to Play:
 Your donation entry fee earns you, your  Doxie, and your dignity a chance to win the title of best kisser!
 Yes, that’s right; you and your doxie will be swapping slobber!
 How to play:
 You and your most beloved pup face each other.
 On the command of go, make your best kissie face and entice your doxie to kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you, and still kiss you, and keep kissing, and kissing, and kissing, still kissing, kissing:
Get the point?
As your Doxie looses interest in kissing you, our judges allow you to exit the ring and our kissing couples keep going till our top three kissers are crowned!
The real winners, anyone with a camera! A definite crowd pleaser and a must see!


This game is an FWDD and NDR staple.

It is just a fun game for the Pups, and brings out a competitive edge in us humans to try and get our furry kids to have the quickest sniffer!
There will be color coded containers laid out with each containing various items.
One and only one will contain a food item.
Time starts when you enter the pen, and time stops when you’re Doxie finds the Jackpot Container!
 Your  donation earns you 2  tries into the sniffing arena andthe best  time recorded. VIP earns 4 tries (per pup) and your best time recorded.
Our 3 fastest times will be posted throughout the day on the board at the sniffing arena.
The three fastest times will be awarded at the awards ceremony schedule TBA per event.


His trap is set and he is waiting for you to enter. If you are fast enough, you might just get pulled over and issued your very own speeding citation!

Here is the scoop:
This is a Fun and Fast run where you race against yourself and others, one at a time, and your speed (or lack thereof) is recorded via a speed gun.

Your donation gets you 3 runs (Unlimited for FWDD VIP) in the trap. The top speed is placed in the Duty Log Book and our top three (3) speeders will have to appear for their mandatory court appearance (to be announced per event).

Our Top Speeders will be detained by Deputy Dawg and escorted to the court proceedings in the center of the race track. We will call court to order and hand out sentences (and medals) to our top three speeders in their respective size categories.


Everyone is a winner in this food fun frenzy of a competition.

How to Play:
Your  donation entry earns your Doxie an entry with a plastic spoon scoop of p-nut butter.  Each contestant will line up on the field with their doxie. Our Human contestants will place the handle part of the spoon in their mouth with the p-nut butter end exposed.

On the command of GO, you will face your Pup   
with the spoon (handle still in your mouth) and they will LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK their way to a squeaky clean spoon.

NO CHEATING! Only your Pup can lick the P-Nut butter!
If your pup has a good appetite, and the ability to make food disappear quickly, you may just be our gold medal recipient in this race of licks and laughs!
Musical Hoops

Because every event needs a dance!

Catch The Beat:
This game is a lot like musical chairs, but way more fun with a lot more skill involved. Your donation earns your 2 member team an entry (VIP Included).

You and your Pup are a team! There will be hula hoops scattered within the play field as you and your PUP dance to the beat around the hoops.
When the music stops, you and your Pup must jump in the nearest hoop and you must keep your Pup in the seated position until the music starts again.
As each team is eliminated, hoops will be removed and we will award our top finishers with medals for their efforts!

It’s a cute fun game that encourages, teamwork, 

This is a game of obedience, patience and owner to   K-9 relationship.
How it Goes:
Your donation earns you and your Pup a chance to see who can patiently obey and outlast all the other teams in this game.
You and your doggie will line up and be given an initial allotment of 5 treats per team. At the command of GO, you will give your Pup the command of Sit/Stay (or whatever is your “hold” command) and place the initial bone on the ground in front of your Doggie. You will then pile on the next, and the nest and the next bone keeping control of your Pup to NOT PICK UP the treat. 
Once they pick up a treat, your team is OUT! But that is ok, your Doggie still gets the 5 initial treats (so that’s a win for them).
But the game keeps going for the patient and obedient. The Doggie/Human team who can outlast all the contestants WINS the Golden Bone medal…and the best part, they get to keep all the treats they earned for being a good little Pup!
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  3. Cocoa FWDD Champion 2017
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  4. Miss Weenie FWDD Champion 2010
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  5. Luckie FWDD Champion 2015 & 2016
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